Beep-0H 5 Jointed Model in 1 Print

Starting this project as a challenge to design a printable model that functional joints taking inspiration from things such as the Elephant from LeFabShop. Starting this model I wanted to make it have a cute, curious appearance. Designing the model The focus for the design began in finding a good balance between functionality and design.... Continue Reading →

Branching into 3D Scanning

While getting into 3D scanning I wanted to try to focus on using a common method of with the kinect instead of using a traditional 3D scanner. Instead of using a scanner it would save on cost while sacrificing quality. Scanning myself To begin i printed a handheld mount for the kinect to use to... Continue Reading →

3D Printed Carpal flexural deformity brace

This project was a challenging one, A friend was curious whether 3D printing could help with their dog which sadly has carpal flexural deformity¬†in the front two legs. Doing some extensive research on what causes this, I challenged myself to find a way to incorporate 3D printing as a temporary solution to give the dog... Continue Reading →

3D Printed wrist brace

Once in awhile you hurt yourself from doing something that may be ill advised. Well, my story begins when i was longboarding down a hill, making the wrong turn the board wobbled and I quickly fell right putting all my weight on my hand. Wanting to have a quick temporary solution 3D printing opened a... Continue Reading →

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