Club Obsidian Logo – 3D Print

One of the first projects i jumped into when i began working with 3D printing, I wanted to take a 2D Drawing and make it into a 3D design for a wall plaque.

The model


I began this project by using the original logo as a reference and outlining the entire logo on separate layers so i can extend any part I need.  Once it was outlined I extended out the text to the height I wanted.

The difficult part of this model was finding a good curve for the blades on the sword since in the original it was covered by the text.

Printing the logo


After i made the logo i wanted to take it a step further, So I decided to do two things with this model, The first thing was to print it, I printed it in white Hatchbox PLA at a 0.2mm layer height.

The model printed perfectly so I could put it on the wall, now that this was done I began working on the second part of my project.

Turning this logo into a mold I can use for casting different materials. In this case I wanted to make it into a chocolate mold.

Creating a negative of the logo

Wn7xeuyOnce I had the logo on fusion 360 I could take that and do anything i needed to do with it. First step was to create a solid cube to put the logo into then fill it with a tool in fusion. But I wanted to make this model easily obtainable. So I made it printable with food safe semi flex plastic or Ninjaflex plastic.

On the model you can see around the base of the logo I created a platform so when you cast it out of chocolate or ice you can easily remove it.

This model was successful but due to the tight corners around the base of the sword and the text it would break apart into multiple pieces.


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