Wrist brace – 3D Print

Wrist brace – 3D Print

Once in awhile you hurt yourself from doing something ill advised. Well, that is what happened to me when I was longboarding down a hill and turned wrong and fell right on my hand. Luckily 3D printing opens up a opportunity for some relief with this!

This design was not modeled by me, the full credit for the design goes to piuLAB – Wrist brace. The only modification I did to this model was around the backside of the model where i cut it to fit my print bed. The model was printed out of gray Hatchbox PLA at 0.2mm layer height.

The steps I took to fit it around my hand were simple, putting the model in hot water and wrapping it around my arm under a cloth so it can fit perfectly for long term use.

This model works best with Velcro straps. I took thin Velcro straps to keep it on my arm while i sleep and move, The best thing about a open model like this is the cost efficiency and the feasibility. When you can injure yourself and have a solution within a few hours it shows the potential that 3D printing can have in local areas.

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