3D Printed wrist brace

Once in awhile you hurt yourself from doing something that may be ill advised. Well, my story begins when i was longboarding down a hill, making the wrong turn the board wobbled and I quickly fell right putting all my weight on my hand. Wanting to have a quick temporary solution 3D printing opened a perfect opportunity for some relief!


This design was not modeled by me, full credit for the design goes to piuLAB – Wrist brace. The only modification I did to this model was at the bottom side of the model where i clipped it to fit my print bed.

Printing the model

The model was printed out of gray Hatchbox PLA at 0.2mm layer height. This model was a pretty simplistic print and only took an hour to complete. Once the model was designed the creator advised using hot water to mold the model around your wrist to fit your wrist size. Plastic becomes malleable in the hot water allowing you to form it slightly one issue was after it hardened there was noticeable irritation on the skin.

Fixing the irritation

Taking steps to finish the model for comfort I took cloth and wrapped it around my arm so it can fit perfectly without any irritation for a week of use.

Additionally this model works best with Velcro straps. I took thin Velcro straps to keep it on my tightly on my arm while i sleep and move around, The best thing about a open model like this is the cost efficiency and the feasibility. When you can injure yourself and have a solution within a few hours it shows the potential that 3D printing can have.

Thank you for reading

Regards, Daniel

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