Carpal flexural deformity brace – 3D Print

Carpal flexural deformity brace – 3D Print

This project was an interesting one, I was approached by a friend that was curious whether or not 3D printing could help with their dog that had carpal flexural deformity in the front two legs. So I did some research into what causes this and designed a model i thought would work for this specific dog to keep the joint immobile so while the dog grows it keeps the joint in place.

Designing the model

Once I did the research it was time to take the steps I needed to design the model. Using the measurements i took from the dogs legs I designed it so the joint has a small pocket and its rounded shape was to prevent the dog from injuring itself with the brace.

On the inside I wanted to make sure the dog would not scrape itself or the plastic would harm the dog so I lined the inside with a soft cloth padding and so they can adjust the model over time of the dogs growth I added the Velcro where you can extend how far it goes.

Testing the comfort


After I finished the model, I prepared it for the dog. I wanted to make sure the model wasn’t going to hurt the dog. So i tested the comfort by wearing it on my finger for a few hours and tested movement, comfort and irritability


On a side note that was an interesting touch to the whole project, I stopped at Starbucks to grab a coffee and the employee working noticed the brace on my finger and asked what it was for. I explained what I was doing and how it was for a dog with carpal flexural deformity, they explained how they once had a dog with carpal flexural deformity. The dog had to get put down from the severity of the deformity but they were glad to see me making this brace for another dog.

After this i headed back home and prepared the design for the dog. I headed out to give it to them and see how it works, luckily it helped them in this case. It was a temporary solution but it did the job and helped the dog get on track to fixing this deformity.


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