Magnetic Foot Bone Anatomical Model

Magnetic Foot Bone Anatomical Model

This was a project I started out of an incident that happened where my dad injured his ankle and had to get surgery. So as a gift for the doctor I wanted to make something insanely unique.

Modifying the model

Using the model DrGlassDPM made I opened it up in MeshMixer to separate each bone and save them as the corresponding bone name. Once I finished this I scaled up the model to be roughly the size of my own foot.


Once the model was separated I began to print it out of white PLA at a 0.22mm layer height.  The print took 2 days to complete all the parts, the pieces were made to connect to each other with small circular magnets that I would glue into the ends of the joints.

One of the most interesting parts about this entire project was needing to learn the anatomy of a foot to correctly make the model, figuring the layout of each bone to properly connect them with the magnets, since I haven’t seen that done with many other models available to purchase.

The issue I ran into was with the strengths of the joints, The bigger bone models could not be held by the magnets so I had to scrap that idea for the bigger bones. The magnets are still used in the Cuneiforms and Phalanges.

I wanted to try and create a easily accessible and low cost model so if people wanted to make a foot model for their offices or for fun they could.  The cost for the print materials alone was $10.50 then $7.00 for the magnets.


Connecting the bones

The next step after printing the model was to connect them together using the magnets and glue for the bigger pieces, measuring the diameter of the magnet I found a drill bit to work with the models. Once the pieces were drilled I glued the magnets into the slots and pieced it together to work

And once this was completed, I had a fully modeled foot connected by magnets. This project in total took about a week to complete, and the final cost was around a low cost of $17.50 which in comparison to other models is a pretty good cost.

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