Beep-0H 5 Jointed Model in 1 Print

Starting this project as a challenge to design a printable model that functional joints taking inspiration from things such as the Elephant from LeFabShop. Starting this model I wanted to make it have a cute, curious appearance.

Designing the model

The focus for the design began in finding a good balance between functionality and design. Taking inspiration from the Danboard Mini Yotsuba&! Action figure I wanted to make a model that looked similar but more focused on a modern and technical look.

Stressing the printer


One other goal for this model was to push the user’s printer to the furthest it could go, including harsh overhangs, thin gaps, and various curves the goal was to have a way to get a model that not only had functional joints but you could analyze to see where your settings could potentially fail.

Hiccups in the design


Aside from the number of moveable joints the model had one challenge to overcome. The head-mounted joint was a thin ball joint, making the head which would be printed on the same platform but on its flat side had a ball inside to connect to the neck of the model. This joint was full of trial and error design. rigorously finding the right balance where the head was still moveable and could handle a fair amount of weight to it made this model unique to print. 

The printing process

Now with the design finalized it was time to print a few tests to make sure the arms, legs, and head were functional. Planning out a set of materials to print it with I printed out 7 test models with ABS, PLA, and HIPS. Finding the largest and smallest print it can tolerate I found a fair middle ground at 4 inches tall.

The final verdict

Having the model functional, aesthetically pleasing to my liking and ready I printed out 2 final models. The final outcome was a model that printed in one print but in two models for 6 moveable parts. Definitely, a fun challenging model to design.

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Thanks for reading

Regards, Daniel




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