Designing relatable Facebook ads for Escape Room Loudoun

Seasonal sale ads commonly look the same, so for this ad campaign the goal was to create ads that followed a central theme around the character used in the logo



Focusing the design specifically around the logo’s character and modern look, this flat style with minimal shadows is what i used as a base for making the ads stand out among others used on Facebook and other social media platforms.


Below you will see some of the examples of ads used in this campaign with further explanation of minor details to direct the user’s focus.



 Christmas 2017

Focusing the color scheme around primary holiday colors I wanted to mute the background in using muddy colors while the primary text stands out to focus the user’s attention to the primary information. The snow covering the text is also brighter than the background to give it the appearance its closer to the user.


Back to School 2017

Designing an ad that’s relatable to users through subtle details normally generated a reaction and has a higher click rate. In this case, keeping the user’s immediate attention on the scene being played out will get them to read the text and may generate a higher click rate.


1 Year Anniversary 2017

Keeping this one simplistic was a must, but again using a scene that is common the for user’s to understand was one of the key parts to this ad, using a brighter blue background would allow the ad to stand out when used in the banner to the side or in the facebook timeline.

These ads served a primary purpose centric to user relatability and easy to read information.

Thank you for reading

Regards, Daniel.

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